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Customized Tours

Our expert team at Ceylon Experience will work with you to design personalized tour packages that cater to your specific interests, ensuring an unforgettable journey tailored to your preferences.

Transport and Accommodation

From seamless airport transfers to handpicked accommodations ranging from luxury resorts to cozy boutique hotels, we ensure comfortable and convenient travel arrangements throughout your stay in Sri Lanka.

Multilingual Tour Guides

Our highly knowledgeable and friendly tour guides are passionate about sharing the rich history, cultural insights, and hidden gems of Sri Lanka, providing you with an enriching and immersive travel experience.

Assistance and Support

Our dedicated team is available round-the-clock to provide personalized assistance, ensuring a smooth travel experience, assisting with any queries or concerns, and offering guidance on travel logistics and arrangements.

Sightseeing and Excursions

Embark on captivating sightseeing travel adventures to iconic landmarks, ancient temples, lush tea estates, pristine beaches, and more, allowing you to discover the diverse beauty and cultural heritage of Sri Lanka.

Adventure and Outdoor Activities

Experience thrilling outdoor activities such as wildlife safaris, exhilarating treks to breathtaking viewpoints, thrilling water sports, and immersive nature explorations, providing an adrenaline-filled tour amidst Sri Lanka's stunning landscapes.

Cultural Experiences

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture as we take you on insightful tours to historical sites, traditional performances, bustling markets, and unique cultural encounters, offering a deeper understanding of Sri Lanka's rich heritage.

Special Packages and Offers

Take advantage of our special packages and seasonal promotions that offer exceptional value, allowing you to make the most of your Sri Lankan adventure


Dream Journey to a Magical Reality


We take care of all the details, from accommodations and activities to transportation, making your travel planning process hassle-free. 


We pride ourselves on offering affordable prices without compromising on the quality of your experience. Enjoy exceptional value for your travel investment with the Ceylon Experience.

Instant Support

We provide round-the-clock support for our travelers, ensuring that you can reach us whenever you need assistance.


Whether you need to switch up your activities, or add an extra night’s stay, we’re here to make sure your trip is tailored to your needs and preferences.


We prioritize sustainability and responsible tourism, every journey you take with us, will have a positive impact on the environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Flights are not typically included in our tour packages. However, we can assist you in arranging them if needed. Please let us know your requirements, and we will provide you with the necessary information and assistance.

Travel insurance is not included in our tour packages. We strongly recommend that all our guests have adequate travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies during their trip.

We offer a range of accommodation options, including hotels, resorts, and boutique properties. The specific accommodations can be customized based on your preference & are included in your tour package and will be mentioned in the itinerary. We prioritize comfort, cleanliness, and excellent service to ensure a pleasant stay for our guests.

Currently we only accept cash payments. You can pay us once you're here.

Your safety is our top priority. We carefully select our partners, follow safety guidelines, and provide experienced guides. Additionally, we regularly monitor and assess the safety conditions of our destinations to ensure a secure travel experience.

Absolutely! We understand that every traveler has unique preferences and interests. We offer the flexibility to customize your tour itinerary according to your specific needs. Simply let us know your requirements, and our team will work closely with you to create a personalized itinerary

Our tour packages typically include accommodation, transportation, a personal guide, a private vehicle, and some meals as specified in the itinerary. Specific inclusions may vary depending on the tour package, so please refer to the detailed itinerary for comprehensive information

Our cancellation policy may vary depending on the tour package and the time of cancellation. We recommend contacting our team for specific details regarding cancellations.

Our tour guides are proficient in multiple languages, including English. Please let us know your language preference in advance, and we will do our best to arrange a tour guide who can communicate effectively in your preferred language.

Both options are available. We offer both group tours and private tours for solo travelers, families, and larger groups. You can choose the option that best suits your preferences and travel style.


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Whether you’re looking to relax on a sandy beach or go on a thrilling climb, we possess the resources and expertise to exceed your expectations with your own Sri Lanka tour package